To all men’s & women’s who are preparing to opt Clean beauty here is what you have to know before you go green.

Natural, pure, organic, certified organic are the most common marketing terms we get to hear from most of brands so now let’s gain some knowledge on these terminologies


Natural Skincare:

Often the most overused word in beauty. Just because a product claims that it’s natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product contains all-natural ingredients, it is said to be that products are described as natural even if has very small percentage of naturally-sourced, plant-based or mineral ingredients.

In India as there is no rules and regulations to label the product as “Natural beauty products” experts strongly recommend for people to learn how to properly read labels for the sake of healthy skin you’d expect the botanicals (Commonly identified or Scientific or Latin names) up top and synthetic ingredients in the bottom.


Organic / Certified Organic Skincare:

In general Organic Beauty/Skincare means  products that are formulated with organically grown ingredients – this means that ingredients or the raw materials used in the product are grown using organic farming methods, without the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, artificial methods or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Just like green & red dots on products to signify if they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, FSSA of India introduced Jaivik Bharat logo to help customers identify authentic organic food/ingredients

The ‘India Organic’ certification mark.

‘Certified organic’ guarantees that the product has been produced organically and contains only organic ingredients. It is advised to check for a small symbol (as above) on the packaging in advance of adding product into the cart.


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Comment & let us know how important is using natural, certified organic products to you?

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